Sport Diddy Programme

When my son and daughter were very young we shared hours of fun, playing and connecting through sport. Through 200 fun challenges covering 8 different sports we will show you how to encourage your little star to take their first sporting steps. The challenges will help your child to develop confidence as well as early physical and mental skills - and build an even stronger bond between you.
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Nature or nurture?

It's a long running debate: do children develop skills in a particular field such as sport or music due to their inherent talent (their nature) or as a result of how they're raised (nurture)? In our experience, a parent/teacher who offers good guidance, combined with lots of praise, encouragement and practice is the biggest determining factor.
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What others say

“The challenges provide a blueprint for anybody who wants to start out on the right foot. The little dudes are pretty amazing!”

Daniel Coyle (Author of The Talent Code)

“I have been following Stuart since reading a blog in 2013. I was drawn to his work because he developed a way to help your kid build fun skills with connection instead of judgement. He shows us how to use sports as an opportunity to connect with our children and build their confidence.”

Casey (Athletic Development Coach)

“I truly love all of your videos. Such a clever concept and I genuinely get so pumped when Diddy makes a shot. I am only 22 but I know I'll be doing this stuff with my son one day.”


“Have to say these videos are superb. I love your work, very inspiring. Your kids are a couple of Rockstars.”

Ty Dad & Grandad

“This is the best/cutest thing I have ever seen :-) We need to see more parents doing this!”

Natalie H (Sports Coach)

“And that is how you teach a child! This is amazing, it has made my morning.”

Christopher N (LinkedIn)

“Love this! I will be doing some of these with my kids #amazing #thank you”

Jamie (Parent)

“Your posts are an inspiration!”

Emma (Parent)