Flipping great fun!

Our Flipping Fantastic programme has over 60 challenges that are fun for all the family. We will show you how to do a simple bottle flip and then develop your skills so you can impress your friends (and pets!). The challenges start easy but before long you will be doing some amazing tricks. As with everything in life the more you practice the better you will get. Who will be the flip bottle champion in your house?
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What others say

“How did you do that? You could give me 100 years and I still wouldn't do it!”


“Talent on another level!”

playingwarzone (Tik Tok)

“This girl can :-)”

darthplo (Tik Tok)

“This girl is a boss!”

Rosie T

“How did you do that? Howwwwwwwww?”


“I love how you were so chill about doing such an epic bottle flip :-)”


“Wowwww sooooo gooood!”


“I really want to do this - show me now - please!”