What is Skillabus?

What if there was a way to make the most of precious free time with your child in a way which boosts their sports skills and confidence? Something that creates wonderful memories, connects families and offers over 500 sports challenges for children aged 1-12 years? Well, there is - welcome to Skillabus!

How does it work?

We have 3 sports programmes to choose from. This video shows some of our pre-school challenges first, then a few challenges for primary school children and finally some flip bottle examples as well. We cover a wide range of sports so select the one you're after and enjoy having a go! Every challenge has its own demonstration video plus tips on technique, what to do if you don't have the right equipment and how to do it indoors if the weather's bad.

What others say

“Skillabus provides a fun, engaging and incomparable grounding in the skills required across a multitude of sports. The scheme is the best of its kind that I’ve seen and will be a fantastic foundation for children looking to learn and have fun through sport. ”

Simon Clifford, Founder of Socatots and Brazilian Soccer Schools

“The Sport Diddy challenges provide a blueprint for anybody who wants to start out on the right foot. The little dudes are pretty amazing!”

Daniel Coyle (Author of the Talent Code)

“PE Challenges is the perfect way to get kids moving. Our pupils have absolutely loved having a go at the various challenges. This resource is amazing, I would highly recommend it!”

Karen S (PE Co-ordinator, Richard Taylor Primary School)

“I truly love all of your videos. Such a clever concept and I genuinely get so pumped when your kids make a shot. I am only 22 but I know I'll be doing this stuff with my children one day.”


“My boys have been really enjoying it - requesting to do some as soon as we get home from school, and planning how and where they can do some on a weekend. This has never happened before - they’ll do sport, but usually under duress!”

Mrs N (Parent & Teacher, Harrogate)

“I am in total awe! Their skills are amazing and you are an amazing dad :-)”

Mrs R (Yr 6 Teacher)

“Thanks for posting this! It's inspired me to set up some activities in the outdoor area of our infant school. Much appreciated!”

Jane T

“And that is how you teach a child! This is amazing, it has made my morning.”

Chris N

“I have been following Stuart since reading a blog in 2013. I was drawn to his work because he developed a way to help your kid build fun skills with connection instead of judgement. He shows us how to use sports as an opportunity to connect with our children and build their confidence.”

Casey Wheel (Athletic Development Coach)