• How do I get access for my whole Primary School?

    If you're a teacher, just click on the free trial link at the top of the page and sign up. We will do a brief introductory video call with you, and then get you set up.

  • As a parent can I enrol my child even if their school hasn't signed up?

    Yes, you can. Have a look at the lower half of the "Parents" section (link at top of screen).

  • We don’t have the right equipment?

    No problem. We make suggestions for how to improvise using easily available items. It's amazing what you can do with rolled-up socks, bins and boxes, and more!

  • My child can’t do the challenge?

    Firstly, keep going and don’t give up. Many things in life take time to do. Be persistent and you can get there. Secondly, on our website under each challenge there is a section called “differentiation” where we suggest an easier and harder option. Have a go at making the challenge easier.

  • The weather is terrible, we can’t get outside?

    No problem! We make suggestions under each video for how to do the challenge indoors. Alternatively you can pick another one that is easier to do indoors, and then when the weather is better you can go back to the original one.

  • As a parent should I do the challenge also?

    Yes, if you can. It's fun! We love hearing about family and friends getting involved, and some of the challenges are better with more than one person anyway. Please give your child as much support as they require. That may be doing the challenge with them, making it a family competition or cheering on from the sidelines.