How it Works

We've got over 200 challenges divided into different skills and sports that progressively develop children in line with their ability. So whether you use us to inspire practice at home, or ask your sports ambassadors to encourage participation at breaktimes, we provide a great way to boost skill levels, activity rates and enjoyment of PE and sport.
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Option 1: Our Free Service

4 free courses for primary schools, each with 7 challenges. That's almost a school year's worth of content, if you set 1 challenge per week. To get started, just sign up and tell us how many children are in each class. We set up their log-ins and a simple password, and that's it! At the end of each term we'll tell you how many children have got involved.
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Option 2: Our Full Service

Over 200 challenges covering a wide range of sports, giving a greater chance for children to try lots of different activities. Plus an opportunity to target different levels of challenges at different year groups or ability levels. Our full courses include personal best challenges and surveys to get feedback from the children themselves. We also provide all the other things that really drive up participation levels plus a fantastic Annual Benefit Statement.
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Rewards Pack

A Key Part of the Formula

A few things to say "well done"! The PE Challenges trophy is great for awarding to the class with the highest participation level. And you can use the wristbands, pencils and stickers to reward those individuals who you want to praise, perhaps for outstanding effort or for encouraging others.

Termly Participation Reports

And Annual Benefit Statements

Our Termly Reports provide a summary how many children have used PE Challenges by class, and (for our our paid service) the results of the Personal Best challenges. The Annual Benefit Report shows the estimated time the children have been getting active at home, the percentage who say their skills have improved, how many are now more likely to go and get active in future, and their comments about what they have enjoyed and learnt. It's a great input for reports to regulators and school boards/governors.

We are an associate member of the Association for Physical Education