Logging In: Step 1

We give each child a "log-in email" and password. The "log-in email" looks like an email address but it isn't real - it's just a username. (If they've been given a PE Challenges Score Sheet by their teacher, you'll find the information in the top right hand corner.)

Logging In: Step 2

Go to our website and click on "SIGN IN" at the top right. Enter your allocated email address and password. You will then see the list of courses you can choose from. Click on the course you want to do.


Once you've clicked on the course, it opens up on the first challenge (or on the next challenge for you to do, if you've already started). On the left hand side you can see all the challenges in the course. Underneath the video are useful hints and tips about equipment, technique and doing it safely inside.

Getting started

Watch the challenge video and read the suggestions for making each challenge easier or harder. Don't worry if you don't have exactly the right equipment, or if the weather's bad - we make suggestions for how to improvise, and how to do the challenge indoors. Then help your child set up: make sure that they can do the challenge safely and that nothing breakable is nearby.

Have a go and keep practising!

Please encourage your child to have a go a few times per week. A little bit of regular practice is better than a long single go (although if that's all that's possible, it's still good!). Praise them, and remember that practice and effort are just as important as any particular level of achievement. And lastly, if you can find the time, why not get involved too? We are sure you'll enjoy it, and you might improve your own PE skills!