Getting children active

Over 200 fun challenges

Our PE Challenges Programme helps parents, primary schools and sports clubs develop sports skills in children aged 5-12. The carefully devised courses engage children of all abilities and encourage fun-filled family time. Let us provide the inspiration and guidance so you can encourage, support and enjoy.

Our philosophy

Skills are key

Over the last 25 years our Head Coach and founder Stuart Owen has taught thousands of children (as well as his own, who you see in our videos!) and has consistently found that teaching sports skills has an incredibly positive impact. Whether developing the confidence to play sport with friends in the playground or to pursue the dream of becoming a professional sportsperson, our ultimate goal is the same: to ignite a passion and create a lifelong love of sport and being active.

What sports are covered?

Our PE Challenges programme covers a wide range of sports, giving children the chance to find the ones they like the most: Athletics & Exercise, Basketball & Netball, Cricket and Rounders, Football, Rugby, Tennis & Badminton, Throwing & Catching, and Volleyball.

What others say

“PE Challenges is the perfect way to get kids moving. Our pupils have absolutely loved having a go at the various challenges. This resource is amazing, I would highly recommend it!”

Karen S (PE Co-ordinator, Richard Taylor Primary School)

“My boys have been really enjoying it - requesting to do some as soon as we get home from school, and planning how and where they can do some on a weekend. This has never happened before - they’ll do sport, but usually under duress!”

Mrs N (Parent & Teacher, Harrogate)

“Thanks for posting this! It's inspired me to set up some activities in the outdoor area of our infant school. Much appreciated!”

Jane T

“I am in total awe! Their skills are amazing and you are an amazing dad :-)”

Mrs R (Yr 6 Teacher)

“Hi Stuart, from a fellow PE teacher I love what you do!”

James G (PE Teacher)

“Wow! Incredible skills at such a young age! Thank you for sharing. This would make my junior school PE much easier if parents did this.”

Liz S (teacher)

“Your videos and challenges are brilliant!”

Sam T

“It’s brilliant as PE homework and is definitely engaging the usually less active children”

Mrs M (Teacher, Southport)